Finding the right program and system is important so that you can make an informed decision.


The Participant Education Program

The availability of effective plan education results in a better understanding of the plan and its operation. And a better understanding of the plan translates into more employees deciding to contribute to the plan, higher contribution rates and more appropriate use of the plan.

Employee meetings, detailed enrollment kits, ongoing communications, Internet access and printed account statements are all part of The Participant Education Program, a critical component of a successful plan.

The Plan Administration System

With Steinhorn Consulting, you and your human resources staff are freed from the daily burdens of administering and running a qualified retirement plan.

We can interact directly with your system eliminating ongoing data collection. We process all information, take care of government reporting and form filing, handle all recordkeeping, maintain the voice and Internet access systems and keep the plan in proper compliance.

Leading edge technology is the backbone of The Plan Administration System, facilitating everything from our precision recordkeeping to the most sophisticated back-up and disaster recovery system in the industry.

The Plan Design Solution

We customize a plan designed specifically for your company and your goals. We take every issue into consideration, making sure that the plan is established correctly and that every detail is in place to guarantee smooth, efficient operation for the life of the plan.

At The Plan Information Session, we have listened to what you want, discussed the options, pointed out the ramifications and now we distill it all into a formal plan design that will merge your goals with the regulatory and statutory requirements of qualified retirement plans. Whether you want to establish a new plan or you have an existing plan with administrative or compliance problems, we are the experts you can count on.

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